Resources for Individuals and Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus
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The purpose of this page is to provide information and resources for California residents, and small business owners impacted by the global (coronavirus) pandemic. I believe the more we know, and the sooner we take action to protect our health, finances, and overall livelihood, the less damaging the impact will be, and hence, the faster we can recover.


*The following resources are being provided for information purposes only. All questions unrelated to real estate services should be directed towards responsible parties handling the resource services being provided. (last updated 04/02/2020)

**Eviction Moratorium guidelines and instructions may vary from county to county. (more details)

NOTES: Be prepared to provide verification of loss of income (notices from employers, etc.), and/or other related stress (doctor’s notes, etc.). It may be necessary in some cases, and might help prevent any unnecessary delays.

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