Selling Your Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

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So much is uncertain during this time of crisis, many homebuyers and sellers are holding off on real estate transactions. But not everyone has a choice to put things off until a later date. Many buyers still need to buy, and sellers need to sell. If you’re one of those who need to sell now, here are a few things you must consider.


Even though many iBuyers are pulling out of the market, there are still many cash investors ready to take your property off your hands if it meets certain criteria. By going this route, you may be able to skip the traditional listing, and go straight to the closing table. Speak with a qualified agent to see if this is an available option for you.


For more traditional listings, open houses are a great way to invite qualified buyers, but with all the restrictions around large gatherings, open houses are just about a thing of the past. Instead, focus on remote alternatives.

Have Your Agent Host A Virtual Tour

Hosting a video tour will allow potential buyers to get a sense for the layout of your home before they see it in person. Ultimately, it will help give them a better idea of whether or not your home could be a good fit for them.

Clean your home before and after showings

With new social distancing guidelines in place, showings should be done by appointment only, and while you should always clean your home before showings, these days, this task is taking on a new level of importance. Be sure to clean your home as thoroughly as you can before and after any scheduled showings in order to create the safest possible environment for everyone involved.

You may also want to have a selection of personal hygiene products like hand sanitizer available for buyers to use while they are viewing your home.

Use teleconferencing and e-signing programs to negotiate contracts

Once you do get an offer, you can handle it digitally. Thanks to technology, there are many different e-signing programs that you can use to sign contracts without having to go into an office and meet with your agent.

If you’re unfamiliar with this process, lean on your agent for assistance. Ask him or her to teleconference with you as you sign the documents. That way, you can get your questions answered before you sign on the dotted line.

Don’t be afraid to take a break

There’s so much uncertainty around the virus that everyone has to use their best judgement on how to stay safe. Don’t be afraid to take a break from marketing your home if you feel that’s what’s best, especially if you or someone in your family is feeling ill.

BOTTOM LINE: While it may be a very challenging time, you do have options. Consult With an Agent